At Align we want everyone especially our youth to join in on the fun of pilates and yoga. Kid Core is a mindful movement program designed for kids and teens to learn how to gain strength, flexibility, body awareness, and self-confidence in a positive environment.  Help your child to be strong, confident, and independent.  
Enroll them in a pilates and yoga today, to give them the building blocks they need for a lifetime of quality health and success. 


FALL 2017 

Click on class to sign up!
You will be directed to mindbody online to schedule a class.
Login using the same password as you would for our website. Create accounts for your children under family members. Click on Align Membership/Autopay tab. For Teen Core select service H/ for Kid Core pick service G. Then click the class tab and pick the desired class. Click dot that says make a reservation for someone else, put child's name in space, click make reservations.

       Teen Core
Pilates Equipment 
(ages 12-17)
Wednesday 4:30pm

         Teen Core Pilates Equipment Class

yoga yoga yoga Single Class $25
  4 Class Card $90
Sibling Discount- 10% off for any additional kids enrolled. Discount applied at studio only- call or come by to register. 

yoga teen yoga teen yoga teen
Pilates teen Pilates teen pilates teen