Certified Yoga Instructor  
A London Native, Alex came to yoga because it helped slow the constant inner chatter in her mind. Through the power of linking movement with breath, and the many tools that yoga offers Alex was able to gain personal space that translated to peace throughout her life. With that peace and love for yoga and 17 years of practice, Alex has found a passion to share and teach throughout the So-Cal area. We are delighted to have her as part of Team Align.
Certified Pilates and Yoga
Laura has spent the most enjoyable hours of her life moving..... dance, hike, bike, swim, climb or tumble! So, she became a teacher- of movement. Her dance background led to teaching kids classical ballet in her 20s and 30s. In 2001 she began practicing yoga and it led to teaching in 2005. Laura has studied multiple modalities of yoga including Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and Viniyoga (yoga therapy) with master teachers Shiva Rae, Gary Kraftsow, Sarah Powers and Stuart Rice. In 2006 she studied the mat Pilates repertoire with Body Arts and Science International (BASI.) In 2012, she decided to continue her education in Pilates and began the comprehensive course to obtain certification on all the Pilates apparatus. Having completed the certification she looks forward to using all of her training and 10+ years of experience teaching yoga to assist clients achieve their health and fitness goals.
Pilates/Yoga Certified
Jennifer from a young age was an innate mover, by the age of 5 she was dancing and performing. Later she entered into the fitness arena. At her very first fitness competition she placed 1st Runner up at Ms. National Fitness. In 2003 she was introduced to Pilates. Being an avid mover, she continued on to receive her certification in Pilates through the world renowned- Body Arts and Science International (BASI), under the direction of Rael Isacowitz. The “breath to movement” concept found in Pilates and yoga intrigued her to further her knowledge in what is known as conscious breathing, also gain a certifications in Kunlun Nei Gung Tao Meditation, and become a yoga practitioner with Larry Payne Relax the Back. Her vast qualifications allows her to help guide others to release trauma, negative emotions, and blocks in the body to heal and bring positive self-awareness. She is the author of "Your Breath Heals" 6 Simple Tools for Stress Reduction and Managing Pain. She is the founder of "Awaken Your Inner Feline" Women's Empowerment through Finding your Authentic Voice with Passion and Purpose- As she guides others through breath work, movement, yoga, and meditation. She can be found teaching private sessions, classes and workshops in Pilates, breath work, and yoga at Align.
Certified Yoga Instructor
As a native Californian, Tracy has always enjoyed running around outside in the sun being active. She was first introduced to Yoga after competing in and bringing home a 1st place trophy at Jr. Novice bodybuilding in show in San Diego. At the suggestion of a friend, Tracy began taking yoga classes and discovered that her over trained muscles became more lean and flexible. In addition, her strength and range of motion improved. From this moment on Tracy was hooked and wanted to dive deeper into, and share the practice of yoga. Tracy earned her RYT200 Yoga Teaching certificate with Jamie Hanson and actively pursues continuing education courses to deepen her understanding of yoga, anatomy and alignment. She brings her love of movement, passion for proper alignment and breath control to her teaching to lead fun and informative asana classes. Tracy is skilled at meeting students where they are regardless of age, experience level or injury and creates a safe space in which to practice.
Certified Yoga Instructor
Deirdre Hall started doing yoga in 1996 and completed her YTT with Sara Rose at Yoga Sanctuary in 2011. She has gone on to teach yoga to people of all ages: from toddlers to seniors and everyone in between. She emphasizes the fundamentals, including alignment, breathing, and meditation—all framed within elements that promote a balance of stability (strength) and freedom (flexibility). Her practice and classes come from the heart with laughter, buoyancy, and light.
Certified Yoga & Aerial Instructor
Nina Ramos began her yoga journey in March of 2016, after injuring her
lower back. And within one week she was hooked on yoga for life. By chance, she heard about the new teacher training program starting at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa Ca., and perceived it as a sign to strive for her yoga teaching
credentials. Since receiving her Yoga Teacher Training Certification in December of 2017. Having a passion to dive deeper into her yoga practice she did not stop there. She continued to 
partake in yoga trainings earning a certificates in Sound Meditation, Yin Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and is working towards her 500hr certificate this fall. Nina considers herself a constant student of Yoga and of life...
“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” -Albert Einstein
Certified Yoga Instructor

Jamie, a life-long athlete, found yoga while living in Guatemala. For many years Jamie resisted yoga because as a marathon runner she felt she needed the rush of more rigorous exercise. But, as her body continued to tighten and stiffen and after battling many injuries she gave it a try. Yoga soon became a regular practice and brought a new freedom to Jamie’s body. Many of the aches and pains started to alleviate and to her surprise she became much stronger. But, the freedom yoga brought was not only in the body. It allowed Jamie space to slow down her overly active mind and lifestyle. Yoga completely transformed the way that she related to others and most importantly how she related to herself. After feeling all of these benefits in her own life Jamie knew she needed to share yoga with others Jamie became a registered yoga teacher in 2009 and since then has studied with many different teachers including Seane Corn, Hala Khouri, and Julian Walker. She considers herself a life-long student and craves learning in all areas of her life.Jamie’s classes focus on safety and alignment, but also allow people to release and surrender into each posture as they flow and connect each movement with breath. She believes in an integrative practice connecting the mind and the body. Students leave her class feeling strong, invigorated, and restored.
Certified Yoga Instructor
Sunshine has completed her 200hr yoga teacher certification from Jamie Hanson. She is currently working towards her student teaching hours. Join her at Align in our teacher apprentice program. 
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