At Align we offer mat classes in Pilates mat, yoga and aerial yoga. These modalities are based on mindful
movement bringing an acute sense of body awareness, strength, and flexibility.
 $170 Monthly Autopay
4 Pilates Equipment Classes +  Unlimited Month Pilates Mat, yoga & Aerial Classes
 $250 Monthly Autopay
8 Pilates Equipment Classes +  Unlimited Month Pilates Mat, yoga & Aerial Classes




Align Aerial Yoga is NOW apart of Mat/Yoga Packaging!


Align Aerial Yoga incorporates silk hammocks into a traditional style yoga class,
to raise your practice to a whole new level.  Aerial yoga is very versatile and any style of
yoga can be performed in the hammocks- From floating mediations to gentle stretching and
intense strength conditioning. This style of yoga is suitable for beginners to
advance students with an array of classes.
Come fly at Align today!

Important Aerial Guidelines- STRICTLY ENFORCED
  • You MUST reserve your spot online before coming to class.
  • Arrive 10 minuets early to class. Allow time to set up hammocks , they will need to be adjusted and are set to your height.
  • You must arrive on time, no late arrivals. 5 minuets late will result in zero participation.  Hammocks are limited and being late may result in losing your spot. The set up of hammocks is distracting, causing the whole class to loose valuable time dedicated to movement.
  • We have a strict no show/late cancelation policy. Please give 12hrs notice if unable to attend class, or you will be charged. Hammocks are a hot commodity share the love and give someone else the chance to fly.
  • Wear comfortable stretchy clothes, remove all jewelry – including wedding rings. Silk hammocks tear easily. 
  • From floating and swinging in the hammocks it is possible you may experience symptoms associated with motion sickness.  Feedback from such cases say that after a few classes it goes away.