APC Testamonials

Laura Fischer

Thank you Align!!! I never thought I could change my posture and gain so much strength and flexibility. The most outstanding things about your studio are the amazing teachers and that you start each person where they are and work from there.

Jamie Foster

I am so grateful for this place! I am a dental hygienist with 3 kids and after a mat class I feel like I just had a massage and my core is getting stronger. It's the best use of an hour. Couldn't be more pleased and grateful for Align

Laurie Z. Rancho San Margarita

I have been with Align since its inception. The owners are deeply commitment to their teachings and their business. I travel 1 hr round trip for my lessons because they know my body and what it needs even more than I do. They are supoortive but push me. Several of my friends have joined and are happy customers. Thanks for everything!

Chris B. San Clemente

I absolutely trust the instructors at APC. I have been battling a knee and hip issue for many years and with their guidance I have decreased pain and increased strength. I consider this studio my "happy place" because everyone is so supportive that it creates a truly peaceful environment. Cara and Nicole truly believe in quality movement over quantity and the results speak for themselves.

Cherese Denny

I am a Pilate instructor and found Align Pilates the perfect place to keep myself in shape, the instructors are very knowledgable
and fun...

Mellaurie Gilmore, Dana Point

I have trained with the instructors at Align for 8 years and can not say enough good things about their professionalism, their knowledge, and their "mindful" approach to helping me achieve strength and balance in the practice of pilates and yoga. They care deeply about, and respect their clients, and each other resulting in a productive and joyful environment.

Liza Moler

Align Pilates Center is a must if you are into a great workout with personal attention, even in a class. I was referred by a friend and purchased a package after my first session Bc I absolutely loved Nicole and the studio itself! Whether you are looking for a mat class or a personalized reformer class, they offer it all with top notch results!! I'm a true pilates addict and I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Jeff Lacarre

I'm a 62 year old man with severe degenerative disc disease in my neck and low back, which has just getting better after an injury that had me incapacitated for 5 weeks and found this place from a friend. Guys, if you think Pilates is for girls, I challenge to a session with Nicole, Amy, or Laura, and if you give it your all, and don't slack, those girls will kick your butt and you will feel it the next day!! But all the exercise's are geared to your own ability. I really love this place and all the girls there, there constant overseeing you to make sure you do everything right and get the most of each exercise is invaluable!!! And as far as my back. It feels better than ever, stronger than ever and my whole body feels so strong. I use to hit the gym and the weights 2 hrs/day 4-5 times a week, but have cut it down to 2 times/ week, and that this Pilates is actually making me stronger!!! Check it out guys and gals, again I can't say enough about how professional and courteous the girls are there you will love them all!!

Colleen O'Conner

I was just thinking about how much I enjoy the Align Pilates and Yoga studio in San Juan so I decided to write a review. I began taking Pilates and yoga classes there about three months ago, and I'm so happy that I finally joined this studio! The owners and instructors are all very friendly and very knowledgeable about teaching Pilates and yoga. I've enjoyed every instructor that I've had there, and I especially like how they make sure they come around to help you with proper alignment. I feel so much better after each class, and I am starting to see and feel a difference in my posture, core strength, and all over well-being! I've tried many different mat classes and have enjoyed them all. Now I want to try reformer classes. I highly recommend this PIlates and yoga studio!