Team Align-

Cara and Nicole the owners of Align have been working together over the last 13 Years, starting at college to current. For the last 10 years they have been teaching pilates and dancing together in the south orange county area. They look forward to serving the area for years to come by centering their selves in the heart of Historical San Juan Capistrano.


ALIGN Pilates Center Instructor Nicole Howard

Nicole Howard - Owner/Pilates Instructor

Nicole is a true California girl, born and raised in northern California. She is a natural born mover and teacher. Nicole got into dancing as a young teenager and through her training was introduced to Pilates. Falling in love with dance and movement she graduated from California State University Long Beach with a BA while participating in the Defore Dance Scholarship program. In 2004 she became a certified Pialtes instructor through Body Arts & Science International (BASI), and receiving a comprehensive certification with a specialization in dance conditioning from master teacher Karen Clipinger. And has also received her Pilates Method Alliance certification. Nicole continues to dance professionally and advances her education by attending master level classes. She will give you an intense workout, while paying close attention to detail and form – that’s the dancer in her. You will find Nicole inspiring and be delighted as her sweetness shines through even while she’s making you sweat!



Pilates Instructor Cara Fraser

  Cara Fraser - Owner/Pilates Instructor

Cara was first introduced to Pilates as a dance major at Cal State University Long Beach and instantly loved it. Upon finishing her degree at CSULB she became a Pilates instructor through Body Arts and Science International. When she is not busy dancing our doing yoga, she continues to grow as a teacher by attending workshops and classes with a specialty in Scoliosis. Cara brings her great love and knowledge of movement to everyone she works with. Her calm yet deliberate energy will lead you through your work out, focusing on form and modifications for your body.



Align Pilates Center CS

Cindi Schrock - Pilates Instructor

Born and raised in the Southern California, Cindi has always lived an active, fitness-driven life. Being  involved in various forms of physical well being, Cindi discovered pilates and knew she’d  found her passion and calling. The benefits of gaining strength, flexibility and mind/body awareness, gained her attention immediately. She promptly transitioned from an avid student to a certified pilates instructor.  In 2009, under the direction of Sheri Myers, a master trainer in pilates, Cindi received comprehensive teaching training with D.K. Body Balance Method. Also completing courses in The Balance Body Curriculum, and the Mentoring Program  under Nicole Howard and Cara Fraser for the last two years has equipped Cindi to be a well-rounded instructor. She is excited to be instruction and guiding others with the pilates method. A single session with her will make one realize the beauty and positive effects  of  pilates. With her engaging, fun, and passionate personality Cindi is a wonderful addition to the team at Align.



align pilates center christine baltes headshot

Christine Baltes- Gyrokinesis/Pilates Instructor

Christine Baltes is a master teacher, specializing in jazz dance technique and recognized as a teacher who “teaches”. Ms. Baltes possesses a California Teaching credential in dance and a certification in Pilates. She is a GYROKINESIS® pre-trainer, and certified in the Pulley Tower, Leg Extension Unit, Jump Stretch Board and Archway of the GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM. Known for her impeccable eye to detail and recognized as a leader in technique, this very passionate individual has an abundance of experience and knowledge in the functions of the body. She brings a hands-on approach that imparts this knowledge, care, passion and the understanding of the body to all who work with her. An inspiration to many who work with this devoted, passionate & energetic professional.







Amythyst Fritzler- Gyrotonic/Pilates Instructor

Amythyst Fritzler has been teaching Pilates since 2003. She was certified through Long Beach Dance Conditioning under the teachings of Marie Jośe-Bloom. Her first teaching position for two years was under a chiropractor, concentrating on Pilates and scoliosis. Since then she has worked under the direction of multiple Physical Therapists for pelvic floor, spine, and orthopedic conditions. In addition to her Pilates certification, Amythyst has taken specialty training in Pilates for pelvic floor conditioning and Breast Cancer survivors. Amythyst also became certified in GYROTONIC® (spring 2013). She is also a part-time professor of modern dance at Orange Coast College. She carries a Bachelor’s in Dance, and a Master’s in Dance Education (estimated graduation in Fall 2013) both from California State University Long Beach. Her experience as a professional dancer, choreographer, professor, multiple discipline educator, gives her the experience of working with a diverse population. She is passionate, patient, and able to adjust to the needs of her clients at different stages of life and healing.






Align Pilates Center Stephanie Leger Yoga

Stephanie Leger- Yoga Instructor (Saturday @ 10:15)


Stephanie is a certified yoga instructor through YogaWorks and a certified Yoga Tune Up® instructor leading group classes and private sessions.  Her classes are carefully designed to safely challenge any level of student, describing straightforward movements and smooth transitions while supporting and encouraging students to listen to their bodies.  Her soothing voice and sequencing of postures provide a place to feel grounded, centered and ultimately lead you to feel better in your body. In many of Stephanie’s classes, Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls are incorporated to provide a self guided deep tissue massage that relieves pain, improves muscle strength and flexibility while bringing the body back into balance. The cornerstones of Stephanie’s classes are incorporating breath with movement for a mind body connection and learning the key to life – balance. Connect with Stephanie at






Align Pilates Center Yoga Jamie Hanson HS


Jamie Hanson- Yoga Instructor (mondays @ 6:30 am)


Jamie, a life-long athlete, found yoga while living in Guatemala.  For many years Jamie resisted yoga because as a marathon runner she felt she needed the rush of more rigorous exercise.  But, as her body continued to tighten and stiffen and after battling many injuries she gave it a try.  Yoga soon became a regular practice and brought a new freedom to Jamie’s body.  Many of the aches and pains started to alleviate and to her surprise she became much stronger.  But, the freedom yoga brought was not only in the body.  It allowed Jamie space to slow down her overly active mind and lifestyle. Yoga completely transformed the way that she related to others and most importantly how she related to herself.  After feeling all of these benefits in her own life Jamie knew she needed to share yoga with others Jamie became a registered yoga teacher in 2009 and since then has studied with many different teachers including Seane Corn, Hala Khouri, and Julian Walker.  She considers herself a life-long student and craves learning in all areas of her life.Jamie’s classes focus on safety and alignment, but also allow people to release and surrender into each posture as they flow and connect each movement with breath.  She believes in an integrative practice connecting the mind and the body.  Students leave her class feeling strong, invigorated, and restored.