Yoga & Pilates for our Youth

stretching-4   According to the America Academy of Pediatrics, all children ages two and older should participate in at least 60 minutes every day of enjoyable, moderate to intense physical activities, that are developmentally appropriate and varied. As adults, we understand exercise is an important part of our health and well-being. Unfortunately, our understanding does nothing for school budgets that are forced to cut physical education from curriculums. 

An addition, the over-reliance on technology is truly placing kids motionless in front of screens for hours at a time. This lack of exercise in our youth is creating a steady decline in physical health and a rise in self-confidence issues. YIKES!  Thus, creating the inspiration behind Align’s Teen and Kid Core program. The heart of the program is based on the principles of Pilates and yoga, to inspire and teach children about compassion for one’s self, and others. All the while being a fun, inviting, and positive environment.


Regular movement and exercise will help counter the current negative trends of self-confidence and health issues. Studies have proven exercise helps improve mood, reduces stress, increases blood flow to the brain, boost the immune system, and reduces the symptoms of depression.  Physical exercise combined with a mindful practice, like yoga or Pilates is known to also have profound effects on one’s well being. Yoga and Pilates go beyond the basic physical aspect of exercise, and apply an element of mental awareness to how we stand, walk, and move in daily life. This builds strength, flexibility, balance, and teaches compassion and confidence for the whole self. Making both modalities amazing opportunities for our youth.


The philosophy of nurturing ones physical, emotional, and spiritual self through mindful movement is one of the core values at Align. This combined with our passion for the youth, the Teen/Kid Core program uses these principles to empower children, and improve their self-worth. Align’s Kid Core is a mat style class, encompassing both Pilates and yoga for ages 5-11. Teaching children the foundations of core strength, body awareness, and the power of linking breath to movement. The Teen Core class for ages 12 to 18 incorporates the concepts of yoga, the strength of the Pilates equipment, and Pilates mat principles to help inspire adolescent to be confident in their everyday activities. Both programs use movement to help children to realize their individuality, strength, and compassion to help build self-esteem. The program believes every child can define who they want to be, rise above any challenge, and change the world for the better with mindful movement. This is a powerful message to give the youth...especially in our image, and overly techno-driven society.


Help your child to be strong, confident, and independent. Give them the tools they need for a healthy and successful future, by encouraging them to participate in mindful movement classes today.