When Glutes and Abs are Happily Married…

When the glutes and abs work harmoniously together the body will live happily ever after. In the last few
years the abs have been getting a great deal of credit for a healthy back. But the glutes (a.k.a. your bum) are just as important when it comes to proper posture and back health.  And when the core and glutes coordinate and connect with one another magic truly happens!

The buttock area consists of muscles called the Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Minimus, as well as a group of six smaller but very important deeper hip muscles. Together they are known as the glutes and they have a number of import roles in the body. Gluteus Maximus, the largest, has a primary role to extend your leg backwards as your walk, run, climb stairs and get up from sitting. The Glutius Medius and Minimus work to stabilize the pelvis and femur, and aid in rotation of the leg.

The combination of both strong glutes and abs is what gives them their power. It also plays an enormous role in joint health. If the glutes and abs are not strong and working correctly with one another, other muscles in the body will take over whenever you walk, run or pick up something heavy. Muscles at the front of the leg, like the quadriceps and your psoas, which runs from the spine to top of the femur, may compensate and overwork. In turn this creates compression and tightness in your lower back. Your hamstrings may try to assist and shorten. The surface muscles along your spine may also try to pull the leg back to propel you forward, as this is not their primary job, these back muscles will tighten and fatigue. Leading to many problems within the ankles, shins, knees and spine. But when working together, these muscles produce a powerhouse body that is stable and strong.

The Pilates and yoga method have a firm understanding of the glutes and abs, with exercises and poses designed specifically to strengthen them. Unite your glutes and abs today at Align and experience this loving relationship.