Self Love

yogaheart_copy        “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserves your love and affection”
― Sharon Salzberg

A great way to connect inwards to the emotional and spiritual self, the highest self, is to start first with the physical self — the body. As your vessel, your physical body carries the rest of you around each day. Your thoughts, your feelings, your desires, your experiences, your pain, and your joy, are all housed in your tissues and cells.  

It makes sense then that caring for your body would be of utmost priority. Yet often it is not. Our bodies, by the most incredible design, can operate at high levels with minimal care for long periods of time. We are able to sustain energy, produce results, and meet the needs of those around us while offering ourselves very little. Eventually though, without attention and restoration we become depleted. Things start to break and become painful, disease sets in, we feel run down and weak, and our ability to care for others diminish.

The solution is self love through the form of self care; to fill up so we can offer more of ourselves to ourselves, and to the world. Caring for the physical body allows for the cultivation of strength, endurance, energy within, and offers us access to forgiveness, gratitude, confidence and love for others.

A practice like Pilates or yoga, which connects body, mind, and spirit, is not only a beautiful way to experience growth it is a powerful way! Movement to breath, done skillfully with purposeful placement of the muscles and skeletal system, creates a unique experience in the body, and offers benefits unlike those found in other forms of movement. And on a more practical level, it’s one of the most efficient ways to care for your self. In just an hour, the entire body is nourished, strengthened, and expressed.

Start loving your self with your foundation — the body. Caring for your body is essential, and loving yourself first, is most essential to a healthy and happy life. So, this Valentine’s Day take care of you, give yourself a little love, and join us at Align Pilates and Yoga Center.


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