Know Your Body Inside Out- 5 reasons to get the My Body Stat Scan

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1. Body Indexing- The scan helps you understand what your body is made out of. By providing a service that accurately and safely measures your body composition. From the amount of water weight, and muscle you have to the distribution of your fat in each part of your body. Allowing you to see how that contributes to your overall weight, and health.  

Segmental Comparison
The scan evaluates whether the muscles are adequately developed in the body, showing how much lean muscle mass is in each segment of the body, from the trunk including the chest, abdomen, back, lower back, and right to left side of limbs.

3. Muscle to Fat Mass Comparison- The scan will also tell you your Skeletal Muscle Mass (also known as SMM), which is the mount of muscle attached to the bones. Plus it will tell you what your Body Fat Mass is. Body Fat Mass is the sum of Subcutaneous Fat, Visceral Fat, and fat surrounding the muscles. The Subcutaneous Fat is fat found beneath the skin, and Visceral Fat is fat found surrounding the internal organs in the abdomen. The purpose of the scan is to compare the Skeletal Muscle Mass with Body Fat Mass to get a true maker of strength and health.

4. Real Numbers- My Body Stats uses the most technologically advanced, medical grade Bioelectrical Analysis product, Inbody 570. This patented technology is the only one of its kind to accurately measure your limbs and torso composition without the risk of radiation exposure or the inconvenience of holding your breath underwater.  My Body Stats provides you with the safest and quickest way to know everything. No more estimation or assumptions only real accurate numbers.

5. Meet Your Health Goals- With the detailed information, you and/or a health care professional can provide a tailored plan to meet your specific goals and achieve a healthy state. If you have been working out? Find out if your fitness program is efficient. If you have been sedentary, and are ready to make a change? Find out your baseline, and start your metamorphosis today.

My Body Stat Scan will be at Align Pilates Center  
Saturday, June 4th from 9am to 3pm- $45.  
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