Happy “Healthy” New Year! 5 Easy Steps to Success...

happy2016      The ushering in of the New Year comes with big hopes and dreams. According to USA.gov, getting healthy ranks among the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Sadly, there’s only about a six-percent success rate for all resolutions. Maybe that’s because people are approaching it the wrong way. A News Years resolution shouldn’t be something you have to slave over. And when it comes to getting healthier a few good habits go a long way. The key to success in 2016 is creating good habits one small step at a time. Anybody can do it. Here are five simple steps to successfully get you started:
1.      Announce your plan: Make it loud and clear. Throw yourself a New Year’s Resolution party and celebrate the good habits you are starting. Invite those who will be your strongest advocates, because they will help you when it is difficult.

2.      Choose an eating habit: Health comes from the inside out. Consider a “no white food diet” or “no sugar diet.” Start small. Don’t eliminate everything at once (i.e. eliminate one sugar source for a week and then slowly eliminate another and week by week have less sugar).

3.     Choose a mindful exercise: Try a new activity that gets your mind and body working together, such as pilates or yoga. Again, start small, these are habits you’re developing for a lifetime. No need to feel like you need to go everyday, that just adds more stress and pressure. Commit to one class a week, adding more as your habits change.

4.    Everyday activity habit: Set ten minuets to move on your own. No gym required. Come up with something you can do first thing when you wake, or during a lunch break, or when needed to reconnect physically. An example would be to create a sit-up challenge, or push-up challenge followed by a few stretches.

5.     Be accountable: When it does get hard, check in with your intentions. Remember you set these goals to make a better you.

 At Align Pilates Center we strongly believe your health and quality of life is a worthwhile endeavor. Take one small step at a time and be consistent, in turn we believe it will be a happier and healthier year.