Yoga Tune Up®- Learn to Self Massage


Throughout Orange County and across the globe, there’s a buzz in the yoga, fitness, and wellness communities. The excitement is surrounding Yoga Tune Up®, a refreshing movement-based method. Part of the enthusiasm rests on a specialized two and a half inch rubber ball with the sole function of massaging the entire body.
The Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls have been featured on, the Today Show and even better, it’s being embraced by the medical community. Due to the physical and mental benefits, strong emphasis on anatomy and movement-based therapy, the method is revolutionizing the concept of self-care. Through self-guided deep tissue massage, Yoga Tune Up® therapy ball rolling relieves pain, improves posture and enhances body function, leading to a higher quality of life.

Applying the body’s weight against the therapy balls, and using various rolling techniques on the floor or at a wall unearths and unwinds tangled, knotted regions of the body. By rolling the therapy balls over the body’s tissues - from the soles of the feet, to the crown of the head and everywhere in between, the action relieves strain and stress from joints, muscles and connective tissue. Designed to stimulate multiple layers of muscles as they target and unravel tension from high-charged areas like the neck, upper back, lower back, hips, iliotibial band, and feet. In turn, this helps improve muscle strength, flexibility, while preventing injury and bringing the body back into balance. 

Beyond the abundant physical benefits, employing the therapy balls also has a significant tranquilizing effect on the nervous system. They stimulate specialized nerve endings called “Ruffini endings,” which are found in the deepest layers of tissue. This helps to down-regulate the nervous system and create a deep state of relaxation.

Give yourself a massage, tune up the body and feel better. It’s no wonder Yoga Tune Up® is creating such a stir! Promoting health and wellness in an incredible number of ways, the method is great for all walks of life. Classes can be found at various studios like Align Pilates Center. So… get rolling and massage your way into a whole new body, mind and spirit today!