High Quaility Probiotic

(Excerpt from Roz Mignogna RealfoodFamily.com Blog. Full article found here)
“Probiotic” is a hot word in the nutrition and supplement industry nowadays, and for good reason. Medical and nutrition research is continuing to show how important enzymes and bacteria are for almost every area of health including gastro-intestinal health, immunity, neurological health and much more. This is yet another confirmation that the traditional cultures of the world knew what they were doing. Most traditional cultures around the world have thrived on lacto-fermented or cultured foods for centuries. The process of fermentation or culturing enhances the enzyme and beneficial bacteria content of food and serves as a natural preservative. Examples of traditional fermented or cultured foods are sauerkraut or pickles (not using vinegar), preserved/pickled fish or meat, kefir, yogurt, and ale.

Modern diets are basically full of dead food- meaning the living enzymes and organisms that your body wants to thrive on have all been cooked or processed out of the food. While I actually suggest you incorporate homemade lacto-fermented and cultured foods and drinks into your daily diet, a probiotic supplement will ensure you’re getting a good dosage of the living beneficial organisms that your body craves. There are, again, many probiotic products on the market- some good, many bad and a waste of your money. With much research Doterra’s PB Assist®+ is highly recommended.

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