The Point of Pilates

images-10 When it comes to feeling good there’s no shortage of information and options out there. Filtering through it all to figure out what’s best for you can be overwhelming. Over the last year we’ve had a lot of clients come into Align Pilates Center and confided in us that their physicians had recommended they avoid pilates as a form of exercises or rehabilitation from an injury. 

Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. A longtime client of APC recently injured their knee, making it unstable and weak. She expressed to her doctor that she felt that her pilates sessions were helping immensely. Unfortunately, the doctor said, “Pilates won’t help your knee.” Another client was told by his doctor that he could partake in yoga but not pilates due to his back issue. The reality is, pilates can be as gentle as yoga, and it definitely addresses issues in both the spine and knee.

For some pilates remains a mystery. Had both of the doctors in the above instances experienced a one-on-one pilates session, they may have a change of heart. Various stigmas are associated to pilates creating the wrong impression. The most common misconception is that it’s an exercises system that only addresses the “core.” Another common one is that it is difficult and dangerous. In reality, the ultimate goal of a pilates session is to address the entire body in a balanced way. For the body to feel great it needs stability, strength and mobility in all muscles and joints.

To achieve this balance a quality pilates session focus on all the muscle groups with specialized and targeted repertoire done on a mat or various pilates apparatuses. For example, a series of leg presses called “Foot Work” activates the leg muscles. The result is proper foot, knee and hip function. Or another common goal of a session is to loosen tight muscles pulling on the spine and pelvis that create back issues. Pilates then correspondingly strengthens the weak muscles to assist the overworked tight muscles.Creating a much more balance, pain-free body.

As a new year begins come and see what pilates is all about. You’ll be convinced it goes beyond the core and is a safe way move.