Wunda Chair Does Wonders!

wunda chair align pilates center
The Wunda Chair, funny name, big results. If you’ve never experienced a workout on the Wunda Chair you should.

Simple in design, the Wunda Chair is a wood box shaped like a chair. There’s a pedal attached to the bottom via springs. Inventor of the pilates method, Joseph Pilates, had high hopes that one day every household would be participating in his unique form of exercise. The Wunda Chair was supposed to bring this all to fruition. Designed to be a home gym system that conveniently converted into a chair, the idea was that it could be a versatile piece of home furnishing.

The Wunda Chair truly does wonders for the mind and body. Pilates incorporates two varying forms of exercise. One way is by using the pilates equipment, which emphasizes overall core stability, plus the isolation, strength and flexibility in certain muscle groups. The chair was one of the many pieces of equipment he invented to challenge the body to gain these desired outcomes.

Due to the simplicity of the chair, a myriad of exercises can be performed. A lot of the exercises are based around resistance training, but going beyond that, the chair also taps into what is know as open/closed-chain kinetic movement in the body. Open-chain kinetics is when the body moves through space while minimal body parts are fixed to a surface. Types of open-chain kinetic movement include daily activities, as well as regularly played sports like basketball.

The opposite is closed-chain movement, which is when a part of the body (i.e. hands, feet, or spine) is in a fixed position against a surface. For example, a bench press, push up, or chest lifts are types of closed-chain movement. The chair not only can do closed-chain exercises, but has many open-chained exercises that challenge correct posture gaining core strength in a more functional manor.

The repertoire on the Wunda Chair provides is extremely versatile, ranging from the fundamental to advance level exercises. It is an integral apparatus for everyone, providing benefits for overall body awareness, fitness and health.  To experience a workout like never before try the Wunda Chair, it truly does wonders.